Creating an Office Space That Promotes Creativity

Because innovation drives business success, today’s offices should have characteristics that promote creativity. However, sitting behind a cubicle or inside a closed office doesn’t always inspire. Therefore, these are a few ways you can create a more creative office space.

Create a Mixed-Use-Type of Environment

In real estate, mixed-use spaces can adapt easily to several different businesses. In the office, this may mean creating spaces where the major furniture or walls are moveable. You can put wheels on desks so they can you can rotate, move together or move into other rooms to make space.

You can create movable cubicle walls that improve collaboration during major projects and create private workspaces when your employees have to work on their tasks. In addition, you can turn offices into large conference rooms with movable walls.

Create Gathering Spaces

You should have at least one room that serves as a gathering space. Include a large table, one that will seat at least 30 people, where large groups can get together and brainstorm or work on projects together. Build a collaboration space that has comfortable seating. You can even include a coffee station or shop where your staff can work in an unstructured environment, enhancing their creativity.

Also, designate some spaces in your office for lively discussions or movement. Encourage your employees to interact and bounce ideas off of each other.

Hang Artwork

Bland walls and no windows create uninspired spaces. Windows tend to inspire the creative because they provide interesting, typically changing views. However, so can artwork. Find inspiring photographs, prints, or paintings.

You have probably seen the posters with inspirational quotes in some office spaces, and although these may seem old-fashioned, they still inspire. Change it up and put old quotes or sayings on new artwork. You can even get your staff involved in choosing and changing out your art.

Create Vision or Inspiration Boards

You should make your company vision and mission available throughout the company. One way to do this is visually through vision or inspiration boards.

You can also include blank boards that your staff can use to post their visions, inspirations, or ideas. These boards allow your staff to express themselves, collaborate on innovations or projects, and inspire themselves and others. Also, when others see different thoughts and ideas written down, they may become inspired and create new ideas or innovations.

Although this is by no means an extensive list of ideas to improve the creativity in your office, they should provide a good start. Consider testing them to see how they impact your company and employees.