Accounts Receivable

Boost Your Cash Flow

As a business owner, you probably have at least one or two customers who take longer than you’d like to pay on outstanding invoices. This is unfortunately a pretty common occurrence for businesses of all types and sizes. Here at M Commercial Capital Group LLC, we’d love to take the stress of long-unpaid receivable accounts off your shoulders. Through our accounts receivable program, we offer to buy unwanted receivable invoices for a reduced rate. You’ll get the advantage of offloading unwanted receivable invoices while getting money for them within just 24 hours.

How Accounts Receivable Financing Can Benefit Your Business

Many companies expend a lot of time and effort trying to collect unpaid receivable invoices. If you’d rather put that time and money to better use growing your business, let us know and we’ll offer to buy those invoices from you. Here are some of the ways our financing receivables program can benefit you:

  • Credit insurance on qualifying accounts at no cost to you
  • No need to make payments each month because you’re not taking out a loan
  • Increased funding to help you grow your business

Accounts receivable financing is also a great option if you receive unexpected or large orders and need extra cash to fulfill them quickly. Give us a call to get started.