Equipment Financing

Save Your Money and Finance the Equipment Your Business Needs

When you own a business, buying equipment is just something you have to do. But instead of putting down huge amounts of cash to purchase that bulldozer or cutting-edge piece of medical equipment outright, you have the option to hang onto your money and finance what you need. The equipment financing program we offer here at M Commercial Capital Group LLC is immensely popular because it frees up business funds for other purposes. The high cost of professional equipment becomes much easier to handle when you can pay it over time instead of all at once.

Our Equipment Leasing and Financing Solutions

Here are some of the top equipment leasing and financing solutions we offer borrowers:

  • Government and Municipal Programs: These programs are reserved for people representing government and municipal entities. For example, if you represent a public school or a department in the Federal government, this is the program for which you’d want to apply. It comes with the promise of guaranteed approval.
  • Sale and Lease Back Program: What if you purchased all the equipment you needed a long time ago, but you’ve run out of cash? Consider applying for our sale and lease back program. You’ll sell your equipment to us, but you won’t ever lose access to it. Instead, you’ll immediately begin making payments on that equipment as we lease it back to you. At the end of the contracted lease period, you’ll own the equipment again provided you’ve stayed current on all payments.
  • Second Chance Programs: Practically every business falls on hard financial times periodically. If this happens to you and your credit score suffers as a result, ask us about our second chance programs. These programs can help you qualify for equipment financing even if you have poor credit.
  • Startup Programs: Designed just for startup businesses, these programs have easier qualification requirements than most loans.

Stop dreaming about owning the equipment you need and make it a reality. Apply for one of our generous equipment financing solutions today.